What Are Military Dog Tags, And Why Are They Important?


What are Military Dog Tags?

Military dog tags are metal-made identification tags. These tags are worn by military personnel during battles. These tags help in bodies identifications in case of death or unusual situations. Two dog tags of different chain lengths get issued to every soldier.

The dog tags are engraved with soldiers’ personal information, including their first and last names and a military identification code. As these tags are made from metal alloys, they are strong enough to resist any pressure, attach, and fire, so it’s easy to read to tag even if the body is burnt or destroyed.

History of Dog Tag

Even though the dog tags are pretty effective in soldier identification, still these tags are used only in specific countries. However, this approach is making its way into many other countries’ militaries.

The first historical evidence of dog tags was found in Roman Legionnaires with the name of signaculum. This was a leather pouch engraved with personal information and authorization stamps worn by the soldiers.

In the mid of 19th century, dog tags were introduced in the Chinese army, and after that, evidence of dog tags was found in the American civil war (1861-1865). At that time, only a few soldiers bought these tags.

However, up to half-dead soldiers were left unidentified at the end of the civil war. After this war, significant concern about the soldier’s identification was raised. In 1899, an official request was filed to make these tags a permanent part of soldiers’ uniforms, and in 1906, dog tags officially made their way into the military.

In 1916, the dog tags were modified into two chain designs; one to bury with the body whiles the other to keep soldiers’ service records. From 1916 till today, many minor changes were made in dog tag designs, and now they are a part of military uniforms in many countries.

Dog Tags as Fashion Statement

With a deep-rooted history and well-defined purpose, dog tags have become a fashion statement worldwide. The modern dog tags collection consists of different sculpture and artifact designs attracting a large audience.

Nowadays, accessories fashion takes unique turns and revives traditional and historical elements. Military tags are now available in different designs and materials to buy for yourself or gift your favorite person.

Alibaba – Customized Military Dog Tags Site

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On this website, you’ll get ready-made and facility custom military dog tags┬áso you can engrave your information on them. If you haven’t purchased an army dog tag, visit the market.


Dog tags are the most significant element of military uniforms. However, their cool design forces people to fall in love with them. Hopefully, this guide contains all the information you need to buy your personalized dog tag.


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