Attachments for Pressure Washers


Pressure washers are an integral tool for many cleaning jobs. They can clean the dirtiest and most stubborn parts of your siding, driveway, car, etc. No matter what you need to clean, there is a pressure washer attachment that can help you get the job done. Here’s an essential guide to some of the most common attachments.

Rotating Brushes

Rotating brushes are a great attachment for a pressure washer if you need to scrub something off a surface. If your car has been covered in mud or you have bird droppings on your driveway, the rotating brush will make quick work of those tough messes without damaging the surface of what you’re cleaning.

Variable Spray Nozzles

The nozzles on any pressure washer allow you to change the spray pattern to give you better results when you’re cleaning something specific. The variable spray nozzle attachment allows for even more flexibility and control by adjusting the width of the spray pattern and how much water goes through it at once.

Soap Nozzle

It is used to apply soap directly to your vehicle or whatever else you are washing. One of the best tips for using this attachment is to only apply the soap to clean surfaces. This will help prevent streaks from forming on your paint.

Tire Brush

It is used for cleaning your tires and rims. The brush is made of soft material so it won’t damage your rims, but it does an excellent job at cleaning them.

Foam Cannon

The foam cannon attaches directly to your hose and dispenses a thick layer of foam onto whatever surface you are cleaning, making washing your car easier than ever before!

How to Connect two Pressure Washers Together

There are many reasons to connect two pressure washers. The main reason would be to increase the power of your pressure washer by adding a second pump and motor. Another good reason to connect two pressure washers is if you need a source of hot water for your pressure washer. This can be done by connecting the high-pressure hose from one pressure washer to the inlet side of your second pressure washer.

To connect two pressure washers together, you will need:

  • Two pressure washers with the same PSI rating
  • Two 3/4″ quick connects (male and female)
  • Two garden hoses (optional)

A simple method for connecting two power washers is by using a hose splitter or Y-fitting. The Y-fitting will allow you to hook two hoses together so that both power washers can be used from the same outlet. However, this will only work if each pressure washer is rated for the same amount of water pressure as the other.

If one of them isn’t rated for enough pressure, then it’ll just slow down when using both of them at once and use too much energy trying to push out more water than it

Buy a 3/4″ Y connector. A 3/4″ Y connector allows you to attach two hoses to one hose. In this case, you want to connect just one hose at the bottom of the Y, and the other two hoses at the top of the Y. Make sure that your Y connector has male ends on all three sides.

Hook up one high-pressure hose to the first pressure washer, and attach a second high-pressure hose to the second pressure washer. Then bring these two hoses together and attach them to one side of your Y connector using clamps or quick connects (if you have them).

Attach both garden hoses (with nozzles) to each end of your Y connector, ensuring they are secure with clamps or quick connects (if available). If you are unsure how to proceed because of your machine model, get to know more from the giraffetools collection experts.


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